Care For Kids TV commercial went to air around Australia in 1979 commemorating the UN’s “International Year of the Child”.

Jingles like this show just how powerful and memorable such campaigns can be to impart information and create awareness.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could have a similar campaign to once again highlight the value of our nation’s children?

The VCI believes that 2017 marks a critical juncture for Australia’s children. With two Royal Commissions due to report on the abuse and mistreatment of children, it presents a genuine opportunity to reflect on our attitudes to children as part of a commitment to ensuring their safety and wellbeing.

The pending release of Royal Commission recommendations also provides a timely opportunity to promote the inherent value of all children through a much needed, highly visible and innovative public awareness raising campaign.

The VCI continues to advocate for funding to be allocated to a campaign to promote a positive focus on all children, and raise awareness that how we value children and our attitudes towards them, play a crucial role in their safety and wellbeing.