Creating An Australia Where All Children Can Thrive


We are striving to improve the wellbeing of all children and young people in Australia and in doing so need YOUR HELP as individuals and as a community to ensure that we value children and young people, having them at the forefront of our minds in everyday decision making.

As Australians, we may think we value children but a population that reports high levels of child abuse, poverty, obesity, trauma, suicide, youth unemployment, and children that are not developmentally ready to start school – is not a population that values children.

It is for these reasons we have launched our campaign “Create an Australia where all children can thrive” and WE NEED YOU to help us to build awareness and take action so that as a community we can build a population that values all children.

The campaign supports our goals in asking for:

A Minister for children, Valuing Children Campaign, Annual Child Wellbeing Data, Systems Change, and a Children’s Alliance.

By getting involved you are supporting us in changing the culture and attitude that our society has towards children and young people, pushing for an Australia where children have a voice, are listened to, feel safe, and can grow.

What You Can Do

To make a difference and push for these changes we need the greater community to get involved. By downloading and sharing our Campaign Booklet and social media tiles (tagging @valuingchildreninitiative) you can start to share our message and campaign in person and digitally.

Whether it is to your colleagues, family, social networks, or the general public – every person counts towards a change in our culture and attitudes towards valuing children.

In the coming months, as we drive the campaign, we will be launching short videos and opinion pieces to reinforce or message which we encourage you to share.

As an organisation, if you would like to get involved and help support our message please email with your interest and logo to be included on our Supporter page.

You can also make an impact by making a donation to our projects and supporting the research towards cultural change and social impact, which will provide opportunities for all children to thrive.


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