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You can help us to ensure the goals of the Valuing Children Initiative are promoted and understood, by:

Promoting understanding that how we value
children has a direct impact on our regard
and behaviour towards them, the priority
we give their needs and rights, and the lives
they are experiencing in Australia today.
Providing whatever platforms you can to
enable the Valuing Children Initiative to
promote understanding that a child’s
wellbeing is the shared responsibility of
the entire community, to ensure children
are at the forefront of our considerations
and challenge assumptions about how
children are valued in Australia.
Incorporating the language of the Valuing
Children Initiative and the Foundation paper
in publications where appropriate.
Providing public support for Valuing Children
Initiative activities that you or your organisation
also support.
Distributing the Valuing Children Initiatives
Foundation paper, media releases and
resources through your networks.
Making contact with the Valuing Children
Initiative to exchange ideas and in the event
of joint opportunities to collaborate and
promote the goals of the Valuing Children


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