Newsletter | October 2018

Highlights From Valuing Children Initiative Newsletter October 2018

Help us to create opportunities for children to flourish within a healthy society.

The Initiative requires a population-based approach to improving outcomes and the future for our children and young people. How we invest now and implement positive change will impact on the future wellbeing, growth, and happiness of Australia’s children. Here is how you can help:

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  7. Make a financial donation, sponsor, and be part of facilitating a project for the Valuing Children Initiative.

Activity and achievements

The Valuing Children Initiative co-hosted three round-tables in the past 12 month period. The first was called “Effective strategies to change attitudes towards valuing children in our community” with guest speaker Professor Carmen Lawrence co-hosted with The McCusker Centre UWA, the second was called “Realising human potential in a rapidly changing world begins with children” with guest speaker Professor Donna Cross co-hosted with Minderoo Foundation. The third round-table was called “How many Royal Commissions does it take to keep children safe” with guest speaker Mick Gooda (Ex-Royal Commissioner) co-hosted with Family Matters WA.

The Valuing Children Initiative became an associate member of the Noongar Child Protection Council and continues to actively participate in the Children’s Policy Advisory Council and the Child’s Rights Taskforce. The Valuing Children Initiative continues to attend other round-table’s in the sector such as the Commissioner for Child and Young People Vulnerability Series.

In shared vision with the Western Australian Council of Social Services, the Convenor of The Valuing Children Initiative, Marie Slattery, presented at the annual WACOSS conference titled “Getting serious about community” which was chaired by Tim Muirhead. The Valuing Children Initiative is proud to be part of empowering communities to make positive changes for future generations.

The Valuing Children Initiative is providing submissions to UNICEF for the Australian Child Rights Progress Report. Together with the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child, the Valuing Children Initiative hopes to improve lives and outcomes for Australia’s children and young people.  The Valuing Children Initiative also wrote a submission for the National Children’s Commissioner, Megan Mitchel. The report focused on the progress of children’s rights under the Convention of the Rights of the Child.

The Valuing Children Initiative attended the 15th Australian Institute of Family Studies conference in Melbourne from 25-27 July 2018 opening the discussion around “What matters most to families in the 21st century?” The Valuing Children Initiative joined leading thinkers and change-makers, looking ahead and asking:  What does the future for families look like? What are the challenges and opportunities and how prepared are we? Exploring these questions requires boldness, curiosity, and imagination. The AIFS Conference provided rich debate and inquiry, and participants’ engaged with the emerging issues for families. Convenor of The Valuing Children Initiative, Marie Slattery, promoted the concept of the initiative to attendees, while Tony Pietropiccolo  A.M chaired a symposium called “What really matters? Rethinking how we value Australia’s children”.

Thank you to our advocates and speakers on behalf of The Valuing Children Initiative including Expert Advisor of The Valuing Children Initiative, Linda Savage, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Families Australia, Stella Conroy, and the Director of the Institute of Child Protection Studies, Professor Daryl Higgins for your ongoing support.

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