Creating An Australia Where All Children Can Thrive


At the Valuing Children Initiative, we believe that every child deserves a happy, healthy and safe childhood. We recognise that children have no choice about the circumstances of their birth or their childhood, and consider the wellbeing of children to be everyone’s responsibility.

We know that childhood experiences shape adulthood so it’s important that we nurture, protect and listen to our youngest citizens.

As individuals, and as a community, it’s important that we reflect on how we value children. After all, adult attitudes inform behaviour towards children and sit behind policies, programs and services that directly and indirectly impact children.

Australia is a wealthy country with the capacity to ensure that all children are given the support and opportunities required to reach their full potential. However, outcomes for Australian children are unacceptably poor across a number of domains. One explanation for this is that the wellbeing of all children is not a high enough priority for many Australian adults. 

The “Creating An Australia Where All Children Can Thrive” campaign seeks to change this.

The campaign supports our goals to call on state, territory and federal governments, education, justice, health, community and disability sectors, parents and the broader community to achieve:

  1. Valuing Children Campaign to raise public awareness about children’s needs, issues and wellbeing.
  2. Children valued as citizens
  3. Minister for Children and Youth in every Australian state and territory and a federal Minister for Children and Youth (Cabinet position)
  4. Child wellbeing data that includes the voices of children and young people and the establishment of aspirational targets for Australian children.
  5. Valuing Children’s Alliance is a collective of dedicated individuals and organisations who work together to get better outcomes for children. 

What You Can Do

To make a difference and push for these changes we need the greater community to get involved. By downloading and sharing our Campaign Booklet and social media tiles (tagging @valuingchildreninitiative) you can start to share our message and campaign in person and digitally.

Whether it is to your colleagues, family, social networks, or the general public – every person counts towards a change in our culture and attitudes towards valuing children.

As an organisation, if you would like to get involved and help support our message please email with your interest and logo to be included on our Supporter page.

You can also make an impact by making a donation to our projects and supporting the research towards cultural change and social impact, which will provide opportunities for all children to thrive.


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