Newsletter | July 2020

Highlights From Valuing Children Initiative Newsletter July 2020

We at the Valuing Children Initiative are pleased to be writing to you with valuing children’s news. Given the pandemic, we find ourselves in – we aim to provide you with some hope and interesting updates on our progress for children’s wellbeing, in very challenging times. 

As COVID-19 escalated, our emphasis on prioritising children grew with isolation, lack of school routine, and family financial pressures indicating an increased risk for our Australian children and young people (UNICEF, 2020). To highlight this issue VCI Executive Dr. Vicky Absalom-Hornby invited United Nations Education Committee Chair Rees Barratt to collaborate on an opinion piece: Prioritising children’s wellbeing.

As we now make the transition from lockdown to a new normal we must give greater consideration and prioritise the impact it is having on children.

Culture Change Campaign
Join us this month as we launch the Valuing Children Campaign.

Stay tuned for details on how you can become a valuing children champion and be part of a positive change for our children and future generations.

This campaign is for everyone in society to get involved, so join us and be part of creating an Australia, where all children can thrive

Valuing Children Through Literacy
As part of raising awareness for child wellbeing through West Australia, we are in the midst of developing a four-part children book series in collaboration with an award-winning author and illustrator.

Little Kangeroo, Little Echidna, Little Swan, and Little Kookaburra tell a story that reflects on each of the Valuing Children Initiative pillars of value: ListeningVoiceSafety, and Growth.

The book series will be launched to reach education and learning centres across W.A.

We invite you to support the project through sponsorship to enable copies of the books to be distributed to all W.A. children and families, as a free resource and addition to bookshelves.

Sponsorship opportunities available, email with your interest.

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