What we do

The Valuing Children Initiative is driven by a passion for children’s wellbeing.  We work to ensure that all children in Australia experience the caring, safe, and supported childhood they deserve.

The fact that we continue to see poor outcomes for children in so many different areas is not because it’s impossible to do better or because we don’t know how to do better.   In the simplest of terms, the reason we continue to see such outcomes is because children are just not a high enough priority.

The Valuing Children Initiative is working hard to change this

We recognise the significant contribution that children and young people make to our society in the here and now.  Children bind families and communities together.  They bring laughter and love into our lives.  They remind us of the importance of play, to be curious, to notice life’s small details, to be creative, spontaneous, and honest, to value relationships and to appreciate the natural world.  Children are innovative and optimistic.  Their endless energy and enthusiasm gives us hope for the future.

The Valuing Children Initiative seeks to shift individual and collective attitudes so that it is ordinary and commonplace for adults to recognise and acknowledge the value of children.  If more adults value the contribution of children then more adults will advocate for children so it’s an important precursor to improved outcomes for kids.

Our work is centred around four pillars:

Listening – We recognise the importance of listening to children

Voice – We encourage children’s perspectives and participation

Safety – We believe all children should be safe and consider this to be a community responsibility

Growth – We believe all children should be given the opportunities and supports they need to reach their full potential.

The Valuing Children Initiative is interested in all issues that impact children and young people.  For example, children’s rights, including children and young people in decision making, online safety, abuse and neglect, child poverty, mental health, education, childhood obesity, child friendly urban planning, family violence, promoting the importance of play and environmental issues are areas of interest.  This is not an exhaustive list. In fact, most societal issues do impact children, but as society we don’t always recognise the impact or consider the world from a child’s perspective.

Our vision is broad, and our approach is unique.  We work strategically and creatively to achieve change.  Think advocacy, research, education, policy recommendations, partnerships, events, opinion pieces, resources, community art projects and activities to raise public awareness.

What we can learn from the story of Cleo Smith

The disappearance of Cleo Smith dominated the news cycle for weeks. Police received more than...

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Child abuse in Australia: Why you should care

In 2019–20, one in every 32 Australian children aged 0-17 required some form of...

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“A Child’s Voice” Research Project

Dr Madeleine Dobson– Curtin University School of Education and Dr Vicky Absalom-Hornby– Child Australia...

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Published 15/02/2021 The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on countries, communities and...

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Culture change campaign

Creating An Australia Where All Children Can Thrive

A CULTURE CHANGE CAMPAIGN At the Valuing Children Initiative, we believe that every child...

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Valuing Children Launch

A Childhood Without Poverty

By Adj Prof Tony Pietropiccolo, AM In recent years there has been much work...

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Every child is valuable, so why do we accept child poverty in Australia?

  The existence of child poverty in Australia is undeniable, but would you be...

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Valuing Children Four Pillar – Book Series

Written by Natalie Caudle & illustrated by Aleisha Zappia We are pleased to introduce...

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From Words To Actions

Extracts from The Joint Standing Committee on the Commissioner for Children and Young People...

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2021 Mission Australia Youth Survey

About the Mission Australia Youth Survey The Mission Australia Youth Survey is the largest annual survey...

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Book Club With a Twist

MEDIA RELEASE December 8, 2021 What do you get when you combine baseball and...

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Word search | What are my rights?

The Convention on the Rights of the Child covers a whole range of different...

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Glenda Kickett

VCI welcomes new ambassador, Dr Glenda Kickett

MEDIA RELEASE – NOVEMBER 17, 2021 The Valuing Children Initiative (VCI) is proud to...

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Child sexual abuse

How silence and denial keeps child sexual abuse victims in the dark

A recent article published by the ABC focusing on intrafamilial sexual assault refers to...

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Missing Out Matters: Child Poverty in Western Australia

Adjunct Professor Tony Pietropiccolo AM Director, Centrecare Inc and co-Founder, Valuing Children Initiative Children...

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Lester Prize Youth Awards

2021 Lester Prize Youth Award won by printmaker Emilia Traverso

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Valuing children initiative australia

Foundation Paper

The Valuing Children Initiative Foundation Paper 2016 THIS PAPER WAS WRITTEN BY THE CONVENOR...

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Reducing Poverty and Improving Child Development

Anglicare WA’s ‘Reducing Poverty and Improving Child Development in WA’ report highlights the significant impact...

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Preventing child sexual abuse

A guide for children and young people on the National Strategy to prevent child...

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Children’s Voices in a Changing World

UNICEF Australia recently published their 2021 Young Ambassador Report ‘Children’s Voices in a Changing...

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Values: What Is Important to Me?

A printable set of worksheets to help children explore their personal values. Knowing your...

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Still Unseen & Ignored

Findings from the 2021 Australian Childhood Foundation Still Unseen & Ignored report show that...

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Printable resource

How To Be a Good Friend

What to do when you notice your friend is feeling blue. A free printable...

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Book Week Celebrations: A first for the VCI

MEDIA RELEASE: AUGUST 24, 2021 The Valuing Children Initiative (VCI) is celebrating Book Week...

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My Feelings & Needs: What I Need From Others

My Feelings & Needs: A printable worksheet to help children express what they need...

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Involve me in decisions that affect me

A printable poster encouraging you to ask questions that involve children in decision-making processes....

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The Importance of Play

By Kereth Harris In this referenced article, teacher and writer, Kereth Harris, explains why...

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Sleep Hygiene: A Guide for Parents

A printable guide to sleep hygiene rules, for parents of younger children.  In life,...

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Gratitude Worksheet

A printable worksheet for children to assist in developing gratitude practices. The active practice...

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Building A Better Way Back Together

WACOSS Conference | 22 – 24 February 2021 The WACOSS Finding Ground: Building a...

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I’m Unique!

A printable worksheet for children to celebrate what makes them unique!  

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Treasured Memory

A printable worksheet for children to assist in coping with grief and loss of...

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Mentally Healthy Planner

A printable planner for children to map out their mentally healthy goals through Act...

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What I Enjoy & What I Would Change About…

A printable worksheet for children to voice their opinion about what they enjoy at...

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Your Opinion Matters

A printable worksheet for children to express and voice their opinion about something they...

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September 2020 | Save The Children Publication Save the Children is calling for urgent...

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Community services call for children to be prioritised in post-pandemic response

MEDIA RELEASE 9 DECEMBER 2020 Community services in WA have identified children as the...

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Coping with Difficult Emotions

A printable worksheet that helps children identify difficult emotions as well as the positive...

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Kindness & Compliments Worksheet

A printable worksheet for children to discuss different ways they can show kindness &...

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Match The Feeling To The Face Worksheet

A printable worksheet that helps children to identify different emotions and facial expressions.  

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Happiness Worksheet

A printable worksheet for children to reflect and discuss what makes them feel HAPPY...

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Valuing Children Day at Perth Heat!

Perth Heat and the Valuing Children Initiative are excited to invite you to THE...

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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children continue to be separated from families and culture at an alarming rate

Family Matters Report 2020 – NOVEMBER 16, 2020 Media Release by Family Matters has...

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Young to old and in-between worksheet

A printable worksheet for children to reflect and discuss what they look forward to...

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Time Children Had The Same Protection

By Linda Savage, Ambassador for Children and Young People in Western Australia Many people...

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Quest To Kindness Worksheet

A printable worksheet for children to reflect and discuss different ways they can show...

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Youth HIP-HOP Songwriting Workshop

Create your own song with Scott Griffiths aka Optamus from Downsyde! Get the chance...

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Stay Mentally & Physically Healthy

A worksheet for children to discuss and brainstorm ways to stay mentally & physically...

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Australian Children and Young People’s Knowledge Acceleration Hub Key Findings

Australian Children and Young People’s Knowledge Acceleration Hub is an initiative by ARACY and...

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Mentally Healthy Partners

We’re excited to announce our partnership with the Act-Belong-Commit campaign. The Valuing Children Initiative...

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The Rights Of The Child | Articles Explained

An explanation and examples of each Article in the Convention on the Rights of...

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My Safety Network

A children’s resource by ChildSafe & The Valuing Children Initiative to help children in...

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Child’s Rights Word Search

Adapted from UNICEF’s Convention on the Rights of the Child, this is a fun...

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