What we do

The Valuing Children Initiative aims to inspire Australians to value all children, understand that a child’s wellbeing is the shared responsibility of the entire community, and ensure children are at the forefront of our considerations. The vision of the Valuing Children Initiative is the creation of a society in which all children can flourish, have a safe, caring, and supportive childhood and maximise their potential.

Through the four pillars of value, we advocate for children to be listened to, for children to have a voice in society, for children’s safety to be paramount and children’s growth to be championed by all Australians.

The Valuing Children Initiative is a population approach to better outcomes for our future generations and our communities. When we value all children as citizens, we build a better community for everyone. With government and community advocacy for children; together we can build a population that values children and thrives from improved wellbeing.

The Valuing Children Campaign Calls For

  • Valuing Children Campaign to raise public awareness about children’s needs, issues and wellbeing.
  • Children as citizens
  • Minister for Children and Youth in every Australian state and territory and a federal Minister for Children and Youth (cabinet position)
  • Child wellbeing data that includes the voices of children and young people and the establishment of aspirational targets for Australian children.
  • Valuing Children’s Alliance is a collective of dedicated individuals and organisations who work together to get better outcomes for children.
baby on tummy

Do children belong to their parents?

70% of Australians say that children ‘belong’ to their parents. A survey commissioned by...

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believe children

A child’s word is still less likely to be believed

63% of Australians say that a child’s word is still less likely to be...

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crucial time for children

A crucial moment in time for Australia’s children

2017 marks a critical juncture for children’s safety and wellbeing. As two Royal Commissions...

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future adults

Tomorrow’s adults may feel let down by us

Media Release Growing frustration amongst voters, and a sense of dis-empowerment, has led to...

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Are children heard

Children are seen- but are they really heard?

The Valuing Children Initiative Benchmark Survey: 2016 (the Survey) has found that 80% of...

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child safety

What will it take to keep children safe?

As two Royal Commissions currently examine the mistreatment of children, the Valuing Children Initiative...

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children failed by society

Children failed by society

Children failed by a society that knows the cost of everything and the value...

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VCI benchmark survey

What the public thinks

Looking after the interests of children ranks only 9th out of 10 priorities for...

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scared young girl

National minister for children and future generations

The Valuing Children Initiative again calls for the appointment of a national minister for...

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children well being

Prioritising children’s wellbeing.

As we make the transition from lockdown to a new normal we must give...

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A child’s voice

When we prioritise children- we see the wealth that children have to offer. Often...

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Valuing Children Launch

A Childhood Without Poverty

By Adj Prof Tony Pietropiccolo, AM In recent years there has been much work...

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