Sarah Quinton 10 Mar 2023

Sarah Quinton

Development Executive
Sarah Quinton, our Development Executive, is a former journalist turned political campaigner, community organiser, and communications specialist. She has championed children's voices in areas like public education, mental health, and homelessness. Sarah's commitment to empowerin...
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Adj. Prof. Tony Pietropiccolo, AM

Tony’s commitment and achievements in the community and social services sector span over 40 years. In a sector full of committed individuals, Tony stands out not just for his remarkable role as Director of Centrecare, but for his relentless pursuit of social justice at the highe...
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Victoria Absalom Hornby

Dr. Victoria Absalom-Hornby

Partnerships Lead
Victoria has spent 20 years in the UK and Australia enhancing outcomes for children and young people, including clinical roles and various taskforces and steering committees. Victoria continues to work across research and advocacy at the Valuing Children Initiative, to ensure ch...
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JC Profile

Julie Chandler

As an award-winning marketing specialist, Julie has a diverse background span in various industry. Specialising in marketing and communications, along with a strong business acumen and values, she well-equipped and has thrived in Marketing Management roles....
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