We are proud of our strong relationships in the community.

These relationships have allowed us to embark on groundbreaking initiatives, such as conducting research on adults' attitudes towards children, launching a campaign to End Child Poverty, and using music, art, and storytelling to amplify children's voices.

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Through our presence and the support of our community, we have successfully challenged adults to rethink their views on children and the importance of valuing every child.

When you Support Us you can help make a change in the lives of children.

How can we value children? By amplifying their voices, we proudly collaborate with campaigns that do this.

"Being a VCI Ambassador allows me to speak up and be a voice for Aboriginal youth and the LGBTQIA+ community which I am so grateful for."
– Indigo Ellis - Valuing Children Initiative Ambassador
"Being a VCI Ambassador is an honour as it represents an opportunity to advocate for children's rights, needs, and interests in our community, with a focus on ensuring they are respected, cared for, and appreciated as important people in our communities."
– Associate Professor Madeleine Dobson (she/her) Ph.D., B.Ed. (ECE/Hons.) Associate Professor | School of Education Associate Investigator | Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for the Digital Child Ambassador | The Valuing Children Initiative