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Every child deserves a happy, safe childhood.

We are dedicated to raising awareness and advocating for children's rights and wellbeing. By doing so we hope to inspire all adults to advocate for and with children.

Discover our history and our vision, and our values that drives our work to promote the idea that children should be a priority in all forums, to ensure they are valued.

We invite you to join us in creating a society in which all Australian children have the supports and opportunities they need to flourish.

‘Value’ can be described as the worth we assign to someone, or something.’

Our community initiatives
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End Child Poverty in Australia

The impact poverty has on children can last a lifetime. It affects their health, mental health and wellbeing. Many children report missing out on essential items like food, clothes, housing and often friendships because they have to move so often. This is despite having parents who love them and trying to do their best.

In Australia, there is no national approach to ending child poverty. And we don’t know the true extent of children living in poverty, because we don’t measure it.

We are calling on the Government to End Child Poverty in Australia.

Join the call to legislate an End Child Poverty in Australia.

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