We aim to inspire

A society that is built on valuing children is a society that benefits all. Through research, education, and advocacy, the Valuing Children Initiative promotes the understanding that child wellbeing is essential to building a stronger society and is the shared responsibility of the whole community.

This awareness drives a cultural change where it becomes automatic to prioritise children’s needs, across all facets of society, to create an environment in which our future generation can thrive and reach their potential.


  • To inspire Australians to value all children
  • To educate on how to value children
  • To build understanding that prioritising children’s wellbeing has a lasting, positive social impact
  • To inspire adults to take responsibility in ensuring all children reach their full potential as citizens
  • To build an understanding that a child’s wellbeing is the responsibility of the entire community
  • To ensure children are at the forefront of our considerations

Our four pillars


We advocate for children to be heard.


We encourage children’s perspectives and participation.


We ensure safe environments for children.