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We advocate for children's rights and campaign for change. #

End Child Poverty Campaign
End Child Poverty

We've launched the End Child Poverty Campaign, calling on the Australian Government to act now. #

Organisations pledge your support and individuals sign the petition to support the call to end child poverty in Australia. #

Join Us - Visit our dedicated campaign website. It's time for change! #

End Child Poverty Website Organisation's make a pledge Individuals sign the petition
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It is important to campaign and advocate for children’s rights. #

The last 50 years has seen significant strides in improving outcomes for children, but it has also seen failures. Our vision is to create a society that automatically prioritises the needs of children and young people, and actively involves them in decision-making and every adult in all business and organisations across the community and government have a responsibility to ensure this.
Our campaign and advocacy works to organise community to achieve this together. Our goal is to change systems to ensure decision makers can adopt legislation to protect children and elevate their wellbeing.

There is no room for complacency. #

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Children’s rights are human rights. #

Around the world, communities are working to raise the voices of children, calling for adults to listen to children on major issues like climate change, mental health systems, child protection, social media and universal access to education. Children have a lot to say, and we must listen.

Making space for children’s rights ensures that we construct their world ‘with them’, not just ‘to them’. We must not wait until children become adults, but now, while they are children, this will make a better world for everyone.

We align our values to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child