Attitude Survey #

Societal attitudes and culture are pivotal to the development of wellbeing of children. However, this important part of the picture is frequently missing from discussions and is not well captured in research. Understanding adult attitudes towards children is essential as these attitudes influence how children are treated, the priority given to their needs and wellbeing, and form the foundation for policies and services that directly impact children. This research aimed to further our understanding of adult attitudes towards children and young people, through the repeat of a benchmarking survey originally commissioned in 2016 by the Valuing Children Initiative (VCI).

Attitude Survey Final Report 2023

Read our Australia wide survey into how adults' think about children.

Attitude Survey Snapshot

Shorter version of our survey.

Attitude survey launch Video

Watch the launch of the survey. 

Media Release

Read the media release. 

2016 Attitude Survey

Benchmark survey conducted in 2016.

2016 Attitude Survey Synopsis

A Synopsis of the VCI Benchmark Survey 2016

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