Children Are In Danger And It’s Everyone’s Responsibility

Extracts From Article: ‘What’s surprising is the scale of the problem’: One in seven children at risk of harm by five years old

In recent studies, shocking numbers of child abuse within Australia and across the world have been revealed with it being reported that;

  • At 5 years old 1 in 7 children in NSW have been identified as being at risk of significant harm
  • 8,300 children were found by NSW’s child protection services to be at risk by 1 year of age
  • 40,000 children under 18 years of age are victims of homicides every year

And during the pandemic, violence against children has got worse.
There are children reported at risk of significant harm than ever before!

“Lockdowns, school closures, and movement restrictions have left far too many children stuck with their abusers, without the safe space that school would normally offer,” said UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta Fore

“Child protection is everyone’s business”

It is the responsibility of the entire community to look out for children who are at risk.

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