Federal Election Priorities 2022

It’s fair to say, these are troubling times. In recent months and years Australians have seen catastrophic fires and flooding, navigated our way through a global pandemic and shone a light on deeply troubling social issues including domestic violence, racism, and the treatment of women. We hold our collective breath as tensions between Australia and China worsen and as the war between Russia and Ukraine unfolds. These things occur in the context of accelerating climate change and add layers of complexity to longstanding issues of inequality in Australia like poverty and housing affordability.

Imagine what it’s like to be a child in 2022. In an increasingly complex world, the importance of good government and government policy is clear. As we head into the 2022 election cycle, we are provided with an opportunity to pause and reflect. How are we travelling as a nation? What are our collective values? What is the legacy we will leave for our children and grandchildren?

All children deserve a safe, healthy, and happy childhood but this is not the reality for many Australian children. Children have no choice about the circumstances of their birth, or their childhood, and we know that childhood experiences shape adulthood. Therefore, it’s important that we take collective responsibility for the wellbeing of all children.

The outcome of the upcoming election will impact all of us but none more so than children. The Valuing Children Initiative calls for children to be the focus of national attention and at the heart of public policy.

Australian children urgently need the Federal Government to prioritise them. Far too many children are falling through the cracks and this must change. What happens in childhood — good or bad — matters for life.

We are calling on all parties in this Federal Election to commit to children by supporting and actioning the following recommendations:
  1. Children’s needs, views and wellbeing are represented and prioritised by government
  2. A reasonable standard of living for all Australian children and their families
  3. Aspirational targets for Australian children
  4. Action on climate change