Children’s Voice Podcast

May 13, 2024

Children’s Voice Podcast | Children interviewing adults and getting their own answers. #

The Valuing Children Initiative are launching the Children’s Voice Podcast, a platform for children to interview adults and for adults to ask children how they would like to shape our world.

In an adult dominated world where children are still seen and not heard, where children are rarely considered in policy, laws and decisions that affect them, The Valuing Children believes every child has a voice and deserves to be heard.

We need inquisitive children from all backgrounds who have a lot to say about their community and how they would like adults to ensure their voices are heard in the decision-making process.

Adults might include CEO’s, politicians, board members, shop owners, designers or anyone in the corporate and community world wanting to understand the views of children.

To register your child to be involved, you must complete a consent form and attend the podcast sessions with your children. All adults involved are required to have a Working with Children Check.

Ages of children can range from 4-18, as long as they have something to say – about anything!

Express your interest for the podcast here #