“A Child’s Voice” Research Project

Dr Madeleine Dobson– Curtin University School of Education and Dr Vicky Absalom-Hornby– Child Australia (formerly the Valuing Children Initiative)

This important research asks children for their voice and views, their perception of being a child, how they are valued and how they can add value within their community. The research helps adults to understand how kids view the world and includes children’s suggestions for increased connectedness and belonging. Download and read the full report to learn more!

“People talking to me and noticing me [makes me feel valued]” (Middle Primary student)

“I feel that the younger generations, as exemplified by Greta Thunburg have a huge role to play in pushing for change. Having the protests and voicing concerns is so important, as we, the younger generations are going to have to live [with] climate change” (Upper Secondary student)