Every Child is Valuable


At the Valuing Children Initiative, we believe that every child deserves a happy, healthy and safe childhood. We recognise that children have no choice about the circumstances of their birth or their childhood, and consider the wellbeing of children to be everyone’s responsibility.

Australia is a wealthy country with the capacity to ensure that all children are given the supports and opportunities they need to reach their full potential. However, outcomes for Australian children are unacceptably poor across a number of domains. 

We know that childhood experiences shape adulthood so it’s important that we nurture, protect and listen to our youngest citizens. Babies, children and young people rely on adults to care about their wellbeing.  

“Every Child is Valuable”  is a public campaign created by the Valuing Children Initiative to drive positive change for all Australian children.  By supporting our campaign you will help us to advocate with and for kids to ensure they are valued, prioritised and heard. 

What are we asking for?

  1. Greater awareness of children’s needs, wellbeing and contributions.                                                      
  2. Minister for Children’s Interests in every state, territory and at the federal level (Cabinet position).
  3. Child and Youth Wellbeing Strategy and budget – A whole of government Child and Youth Wellbeing Strategy and budget is required at the national level and in each Australian state and territory.
  4. Child Impact Assessments – Develop and implement a standardised and mandatory Child Impact Assessment tool that is supported in state and federal legislation.  

How you can help

Help us raise awareness by downloading and sharing our campaign booklet and social media tiles (tag @valuingchildreninitiative).  Share with the children in your life, with your personal and professional networks and on social media.  

Send our letter to your local politician valuingchildreninitiative.good.do/Every-child-is-valuable/emailforchange/ and sign our petition valuingchildreninitiative.good.do/child-impact-assessments/signthepetition

Check out our Supporter page for more ideas on how you can support the Valuing Children Initiative.



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