How do we perceive children in Australia today?

PART B – Synopsis of the VCI Benchmark Survey 2016

Part B – March 2017 considers data relevant to the vision of inspiring Australians to value all children.

Survey Highlights

  • Almost half of the survey respondents (48%) believe it is more challenging to be a child today than in the past.
  • Only 16% believe that Australia is a safer society to grow up in
    today than in the past.
  • The top five most commonly chosen words chosen to describe
    children were:
    – Spoilt
    – Fortunate
    – Lazy
    – Selfish
    – Vulnerable
  • 78% believe that children today are more disrespectful than
    previous generations.
  • Almost half (49%) said that children today have too many rights.
  • Almost one in three (32%) do not believe that the opinions
    of children should be considered as being as important as the
    opinions of adults.
  • 63% said that a child’s word is less likely to be believed than that
    of an adult.

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