Rallying for Change: Public Support Grows to End Child Poverty

July 08, 2024 in Articles, Campaigns

VCI is thrilled to share that we received an email from Robert about his recent publication in The Geelong Independent titled "Child Poverty Letter." Robert's letter, originally penned in May in response to the Federal Budget, has finally been published, highlighting crucial insights on the challenges of child poverty.

You can read Robert's letter on page 6 of The Geelong Independent under the heading "Benefits not enough."


Benefits not enough
More than one million Australians must try and survive on less than $55 a day on JobSeeker and Youth Allowance government payments.
These people and their families are being forced to live on incomes so low they struggle to eat one meal a day, go without medicine, or freeze during winter.
Yet, despite boasting a surplus of $9.3 billion, the Labor government has decided to not increase JobSeeker, Youth Allowance, and other related payments to the aged pension rate of $80 a day.
One in six Australian children live in poverty, also right here in Geelong. Many of these children are members of families that rely solely on payments such as JobSeeker.
Along with thousands of other Australians I'm devastated that the government's budget has left these children and their families to go hungry while giving financial benefits to much wealthier people.
A decent and humane government would make sure every one of its citizens had enough money to properly survive.
Robert Van Zetten, Highton