Child Protection Webinar

September 20, 2023 in Resources

Recent media coverage of child sex abuse has revealed that even with the most stringent laws and regulations around working with children, child abuse is still happening at alarming rates.

Ahead of Child Protection Week (September 4-8, 2023), this webinar talks about understanding why it’s important to prioritise the impact of abuse on children and how it leads to more effective and compassionate solutions to ensure their safety.

The Valuing Children Initiative in partnership with Centrecare, ChildSafe Australia, and WACOSS hosted this one-hour webinar event to highlight the impact of child abuse for children as the primary driver of change.

Short presentations by ChildSafe General Manager Neil Milton and WACOSS Child Safe Manager Fiona Costello followed by a panel discussion with Centrecare General Manager Leanne Strommen and Cultural Lead Community Services Tara Farmer about the culture of child safety within organisations.

See the full recording of the webinar below: