Children's Advisory Workshops

October 11, 2023 in Events

As we vote and make decisions for local, state and federal government, board or CEO level decisions here in Australia we ask: How do you value children?

Every day, adults make decisions, pass laws and deliver services. Some of the decisions and laws can have a direct impact on the lives of children and young people, some are indirect. Either way, the views of children and young people are often not considered, and their voices are generally not heard.

Children bind families and communities together. They bring laughter and love into our lives. They remind us of the importance of play, to be curious, to notice life’s small details, to be creative, spontaneous, and honest, to value relationships and to appreciate the natural world. Children are innovative and optimistic. Their endless energy and enthusiasm gives us hope for the future.

UNICEF’s Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Australian Human Rights Commission’s National Principles for Child Safe Organisations recommend that children are informed of their rights, are involved in decision making and are taken seriously.

In a place that strives to be welcoming and inclusive, involving children and young people in your decision making ensures our youngest people feel heard, which boosts their wellbeing.

In partnership with the Valuing Children Initiative, Curtin university, Murdoch University, Early childhood Australia, and Play Matters Collective, we are advocating for decision makers to consider children and young people in their projects and laws.

As an adult and advocate for children and young people there are two ways you can ensure those voices are given a platform and heard.

Children's Advisory Workshops

Involving children in decision making through advisory workshops are an easy way to ask specific questions, in a short two-hour workshop, that engages children and young people. Tailoring these workshops to a project that your organisation is considering can enable the staff to get immediate responses from children and young people that can be incorporated into the project. When we design outcomes with children in mind – everyone benefits.

In August 2023, VCI hosted a Child Advisory Workshop at Government House.

These amazing children and young people shared their opinions and suggestions about how to make the city into a more child friendly place, and we complied them in a report.

VCI will also be using these ideas and suggestions for our upcoming project 'Come Play in the City'.

If a workshop like this seems like something you would like your child to be part of in the future, please email VCI at email hidden; JavaScript is required and we will add you to our list for future workshops!

Short video of the Child Advisory Workshop VCI hosted at Government House.