Reducing The Harm: Children & Pornography

Round table discussion “Reducing the harm: Let’s talk about children and pornography”

This August, The Valuing Children Initiative, Curtin University and WA Child Safety Services will host the Roundtable discussion: “Reducing the harm: Let’s talk about children and pornography” with guest speaker  Kayelene Kerr from WA Child Safety Services (WACSS).

This topic will explore the effects that exposure to pornography is having on children. Experts in the child and youth sector will attend to contribute their knowledge and experience.

Kaylene our guest speaker draws on over 23 years experience of study and law enforcement – investigating sexual crimes (including technology-facilitated crimes) – to deliver quality educational programs. She develops and delivers cyber safety, digital wellness and pornography workshops to educate, equip and empower children and their guardians.

The round table discussion will provide an opportunity for collaboration in writing a recommendation report to Australian Governments ensuring how to keep children safe online.

Stay tuned to hear more!