There is an urgency to invest in children

Extracts From Article: Why recovery needs to have children at its centre

In the realities, we are all experiencing there is a child somewhere. Covid-19 is not just affecting adults and our mental health—we know it is affecting children just as much.

The pandemic and the lockdown have had serious effects on children’s wellbeing.
Looking beyond our own households, we can notice all the services that have abruptly come to a halt under the lockdown and on which families normally rely. Daycare and schools having been shut, as well as targeted social services, such as psychological support, family counseling, and home visits.
Only people living within the same walls know what happens in homes where there is substance abuse, alcoholism, a mental-health issue, violence, or neglect. Children and families in vulnerable situations are missing out on much-needed support. Years of progress made in these homes with the help of professionals can be undone and children may be severely affected by confinement—there is no way of knowing exactly.
It is the responsibility of every government to take an honest look at how existing social safety nets are catching people, children included. Then, to reach those that fall through, there should be no shame to seek exemptions from deficit rules to enhance social investment.


Efforts should focus on preparing our systems now, to strengthen their ability to reach all children through universal provisions, coupled with support measures targeting the most disadvantaged.

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