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Suggested social media captions

In Australia, 47.1 per cent of divorces involve children under the age of 18. Amid such a stressful life experience, it can be hard for parents to think about the world #throughtheireyes

Separation is never easy, but it is possible to co-parent successfully. #valuingchildren #VCI #childvoices

Real change happens when we see the world #throughtheireyes and this is what children who have been impacted by hostile parental separation want you to hear.


#valuingchildren #VCI #childvoices

Adults going through separation and divorce know that it is an incredibly difficult experience. Amid such a stressful life experience, it can be hard for parents to see the world from their child’s perspective. #throughtheireyes #valuingchildren #VCI #childvoices

By amplifying the voices of children impacted by hostile parental separation we can help adults see the world #throughtheireyes. While it might not always be possible for parents to give children exactly what they want post separation, acknowledging their experience and feelings can make a big difference.

#valuingchildren #VCI #childvoices

Three quarters of children and young people impacted by parental separation said that they wanted their parents to listen more to their views when they were working out parenting arrangements. #throughtheireyes #valuingchildren #childvoices #VCI

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