Claire Orange

Claire Orange is a mum of 4 boys, an author, media spokesperson, director of DiGii Social and BEST Programs 4 Kids, speaker and is passionate about striving for better outcomes for children everywhere. From writing social and emotional wellbeing resources for children, their families, schools and therapists through to speaking nationally and internationally on children’s social and emotional wellbeing, Claire is dedicated to raising the bar in children’s preventative mental health.

Claire has worked for 25 years in many settings and in many roles – all focused on helping children towards better language and learning, social, emotional and behavioural outcomes. From schools, to curriculum writing, working in private practice, alongside Paediatricians and Child Psychiatrists through to hospitals, Claire has come to the realisation that a firm foundation of wellbeing is the ultimate predictor of social, emotional and learning success throughout life. Claire is a true child champion and we are so fortunate to have her be a part of our VCI family.