Are children at the forefront of our considerations?

PART A – Synopsis of the VCI Benchmark Survey 2016

Part A considers the data relevant to the vision of ensuring children are at the forefront of considerations.

Survey Highlights

  • 86% of Australians considered looking after the interests of
    children to be important to them personally.
  • 80% of Australians say they are concerned about the health and
    the happiness of future generations of Australians.
  • Only 48% believe that children in Australia all have a fair and
    equal opportunity to flourish and to maximise their potential.
  • Almost half (48%) of Australians believe that it is more
    challenging to be a child today than when they were a child.
  • A significant proportion (38%) described children as ‘vulnerable’.
    Less than one in five (16%), believe that Australia is a safer place
    today than when they grew up.
  • Almost half (46%) believe that governments give too little
    consideration to children.

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