What we do

The Valuing Children Initiative is driven by a passion for children’s wellbeing.  We work to ensure that all children in Australia experience the caring, safe, and supported childhood they deserve.

The fact that we continue to see poor outcomes for children in so many different areas is not because it’s impossible to do better or because we don’t know how to do better.   In the simplest of terms, the reason we continue to see such outcomes is because children are just not a high enough priority.

The Valuing Children Initiative is working hard to change this

We recognise the significant contribution that children and young people make to our society in the here and now.  Children bind families and communities together.  They bring laughter and love into our lives.  They remind us of the importance of play, to be curious, to notice life’s small details, to be creative, spontaneous, and honest, to value relationships and to appreciate the natural world.  Children are innovative and optimistic.  Their endless energy and enthusiasm gives us hope for the future.

The Valuing Children Initiative seeks to shift individual and collective attitudes so that it is ordinary and commonplace for adults to recognise and acknowledge the value of children.  If more adults value the contribution of children then more adults will advocate for children so it’s an important precursor to improved outcomes for kids.

Our work is centred around four pillars:

Listening – We recognise the importance of listening to children

Voice – We encourage children’s perspectives and participation

Safety – We believe all children should be safe and consider this to be a community responsibility

Growth – We believe all children should be given the opportunities and supports they need to reach their full potential.

The Valuing Children Initiative is interested in all issues that impact children and young people.  For example, children’s rights, including children and young people in decision making, online safety, abuse and neglect, child poverty, mental health, education, childhood obesity, child friendly urban planning, family violence, promoting the importance of play and environmental issues are areas of interest.  This is not an exhaustive list. In fact, most societal issues do impact children, but as society we don’t always recognise the impact or consider the world from a child’s perspective.

Our vision is broad, and our approach is unique.  We work strategically and creatively to achieve change.  Think advocacy, research, education, policy recommendations, partnerships, events, opinion pieces, resources, community art projects and activities to raise public awareness.

Homeless children

Why Listening to Homeless Children is Crucial

The importance of recognising and responding to the needs of homeless children as part...

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Successful co-parenting after separation

“I feel sad because I think it’s my fault." These are the heartbreaking words...

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Child sexual abuse

How silence and denial keeps child sexual abuse victims in the dark

A recent article published by the ABC focusing on intrafamilial sexual assault refers to...

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Valuing Children Launch

A Childhood Without Poverty

By Adj Prof Tony Pietropiccolo, AM In recent years there has been much work...

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Child abuse in Australia: Why you should care

In 2019–20, one in every 32 Australian children aged 0-17 required some form of...

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What we can learn from the story of Cleo Smith

The disappearance of Cleo Smith dominated the news cycle for weeks. Police received more than...

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The Importance of Play

By Kereth Harris In this referenced article, teacher and writer, Kereth Harris, explains why...

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Time Children Had The Same Protection

By Linda Savage, Ambassador for Children and Young People in Western Australia Many people...

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Valuing children initiative australia

Children Are In Danger And It’s Everyone’s Responsibility

Extracts From Article: ‘What’s surprising is the scale of the problem’: One in seven...

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Tony Pietropiccolo

What Are We Doing About Child Poverty?

WACOSS Community Relief and Resilience Conference 2017. The Valuing Children Initiative was established in...

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Valuing children initiative australia

Child abuse in Australia

I wish I could give you better news about child abuse in Australia but...

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Valuing children initiative australia

Conscious or Unconscious Barriers to Success

Linda Savage speaks about the work of the Valuing Children Initiative which was established...

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linda savage

When our best efforts don’t seem to be enough

Child Aware Approaches Conference 2017 Thank you for joining me this morning. My name...

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Valuing children initiative australia

A Silent Tragedy

Article written by Dr. Luis Rojas Marcos Psychiatrist. There is a silent tragedy that...

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Valuing children initiative australia

Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse

Submission to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse The Valuing...

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Valuing children initiative australia

Minister for minors

Valuing Children Initiative calls for a minister for minors In Australia, almost 18 percent...

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Valuing children initiative australia

Are you responsible for Australia’s children?

PART C – Synopsis of the VCI Benchmark Survey 2016 Part C – April...

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Survey Highlights Almost half of survey respondents (48%) believe it is more challenging to be a child today than in the past. Only 16% believe that Australia is a safer society to grow up in today than in the past. The top five most commonly chosen words chosen to describe children were: Spoilt Fortunate Lazy Selfish Vulnerable 78% believe that children today are more disrespectful than previous generations. Almost half (49%) said that children today have too many rights. Almost one in three (32%) do not believe that the opinions of children should be considered as being as important as the opinions of adults. 63% said that a child’s word is less likely to be believed than that of an adult.

How do we perceive children in Australia today?

PART B – Synopsis of the VCI Benchmark Survey 2016 Part B – March...

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Valuing children initiative australia

Are children at the forefront of our considerations?

PART A – Synopsis of the VCI Benchmark Survey 2016 Part A considers the...

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attitudes towards children

Australians’ attitudes to children

A synopsis of the VCI Benchmark Survey 2016 The ambitious vision of the Valuing...

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child with phone

Nature is being replaced by screentime

E Brain Rountable- How nature is being replaced by screentime On 29 May, the...

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baby on tummy

Do children belong to their parents?

70% of Australians say that children ‘belong’ to their parents. A survey commissioned by...

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believe children

A child’s word is still less likely to be believed

63% of Australians say that a child’s word is still less likely to be...

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crucial time for children

A crucial moment in time for Australia’s children

2017 marks a critical juncture for children’s safety and wellbeing. As two Royal Commissions...

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future adults

Tomorrow’s adults may feel let down by us

Media Release Growing frustration amongst voters, and a sense of dis-empowerment, has led to...

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Are children heard

Children are seen- but are they really heard?

The Valuing Children Initiative Benchmark Survey: 2016 (the Survey) has found that 80% of...

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child safety

What will it take to keep children safe?

As two Royal Commissions currently examine the mistreatment of children, the Valuing Children Initiative...

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children failed by society

Children failed by society

Children failed by a society that knows the cost of everything and the value...

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VCI benchmark survey

What the public thinks

Looking after the interests of children ranks only 9th out of 10 priorities for...

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scared young girl

National minister for children and future generations

The Valuing Children Initiative again calls for the appointment of a national minister for...

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children well being

Prioritising children’s wellbeing.

As we make the transition from lockdown to a new normal we must give...

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