Five challenges facing children and young people

Child and Youth Statement | Rebuild better, Renew commitments and Re-centre policy around the child

World Vision Australia recently published a statement by children and young people who met to reflect on the status of children’s rights in Australia and the Pacific, 30 years after the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) was established.

The top 5 challenges that young people stated they are facing were:
1. Children, young people and COVID-19
2. Climate change
3. Indigenous children’s rights
4. Youth and citizenship
5. Mental health and resilience
Children and young people say they are and want to be, part of the solution to problems they identified. They want their lived experiences and opinions to be considered in policy discussions.
Children and young people are citizens, rights holders and consumers of services who are often left out of key decision-making processes.
It is important for children and youth to be consulted, to be heard, and for their opinions to inform policy decisions.

If children’s rights and wellbeing are to be realised, and the sustainable development goals (SDGs) are to be achieved, children and young people must not be left behind. 

Read the full Child & Youth Statement here: