Video | How To Help Children Reach Their Full Potential

By valuing children, and giving them the priority they deserve, we can help them reach their full potential.

HOW we value children matters and directly impacts on attitudes, behaviours, and actions towards children. We need to make Australia a better place for all children. We need to reconsider the priority we give to them, as well as the need for the entire community to understand its shared responsibility for children.

The Valuing Children Initiative was established in January 2016 to create a greater societal awareness of children’s needs to ensure they are able to maximise their wellbeing and therefore their potential. Even as an affluent country Australia is inadequate in the priority children are given and children are not faring as well as they could be. Issues that have an adverse impact on children’s wellbeing, and therefore their development and ability to reach their potential, have a subsequent negative effect on society.

The VCI acts to drive change to a culture in which it becomes automatic for the needs of children to be prioritised. Only when they are at the forefront of our considerations and an environment is created where they can all flourish, will society truly benefit.

Our concerns are all-encompassing – obesity, online safety, abuse and neglect, child poverty, and so forth, and fall within the four pillars of Listen, Growth, Voice, and Safety.