Perth HEAT book reading, Westfield Park Primary School

What do you get when you combine baseball and children’s literacy? A class of excited primary school students, of course.

The two worlds collided through an ongoing partnership between the Valuing Children Initiative and Perth HEAT.

Westfield Park Primary School students were delighted to meet players Megan Everitt and Conor Lourey, who delivered the VCI’s Four Pillar Book Series in captivating fashion.

“The stories aren’t just a good read; they’re designed to serve as important educational tools and provide adults with opportunities to connect and discuss important issues with children,” VCI Development Executive Maddie McLeod said.

“By reading the books to the class we were able to teach the kids about our four pillars of listening, voice, safety and growth. Thanks to Conor and Megan’s input, they also learnt a bit about baseball too.”

Every student in the room was gifted a Perth HEAT goodie bag, including one of four books in the Four Pillar series.

“There’s lots of great work happening at Westfield Park Primary School,” Ms McLeod said.

“Congratulations to Principal, Steve Soames, and to all of the staff, for your innovative and creative approach to education. This is what valuing children looks like.”