Through Their Eyes | Video

In Australia, 47.1 per cent of divorces involve children under the age of 18. Amid such a stressful life experience, it can be hard for parents to think about the world through the eyes of their children.

Parents who can see things from their child’s point of view are less likely to prolong conflict with their ex. Why? Because they are more attuned to their child’s experience and therefore better able to recognise the harm that conflict causes their child.

When children impacted by parental separation are given the opportunity to voice their feelings and views to their parents most parents are very receptive. While it might not always be possible for parents to give children exactly what they want post separation, acknowledging their experience and feelings can make a big difference.

Taking the time to ask a child what they think and how they feel tells the child that they are important, that their experience matters. Acknowledging a child’s unique experience helps them to adjust to the changes in family life.

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