VIDEO | Hip Hop Workshop – Youth Week 2021

Valuing Children Initiative: Hip hop artist Optamus primed to help Perth teens

By Sarah Brookes

LOCAL teens were offered a once-in-a-lifetime experience to write and record their own hip hop track alongside one of WA’s most successful hip hop artists.

The Valuing Children Initiative partnered with the City of Belmont to offer the free, two-day workshop led by veteran rapper Scott Griffiths, aka Optamus, who has toured the country and internationally as part of Downsyde.

Chase, 14, was one of the young fans who worked with Optamus at the City of Belmont’s professional recording studio.

“The workshop made me feel like I could be myselfand I was free in doing what I love most,” he said.

“I got so much knowledge from the workshop in terms of production, and how to actually create and make music.”

Guided by Griffiths, who is also a youth worker, participants explored tricky topics of teen mental health.

He said that self-expression and self-doubt are barriers commonly faced by teens.

“Young people have amazing opinions about the world; they have a lot to say and don’t always get the opportunity to say it,” he said.

The final track, dubbed Head in the Clouds, has been professionally mixed and is now available on Spotify.

*This article first appeared in the Southern Gazette on May 17, 2021

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