Valuing children through art

Lance Chadd – Valuing Children through his art

Lance Chadd, a Nyoongar Aboriginal artist from the southwest town of Bunbury, paints under his traditional tribal name Tjyllyungoo ( Old Man ). The landscape paintings represent the artist’s personal claim of spiritual unity with the land, rather than political restitution of Aboriginal land ownership. It is this very genuine and authentic emotional involvement that lends to Tjyllyungoo’s paintings their special appeal and poignancy, and which renders them highly accessible to any responsive audience. His breathtaking work is highly acclaimed in Australia, America and Japan. Lance has painted professionally since 1981 and his works are in many collections worldwide and locally including the Art Gallery of Western Australia and the Berndt Museum Collection.

Later this year, Lance in partnership with the Historic Heart -East End Perth will create a masterpiece on the external wall of Centrecare Inc and Valuing Children’s HQ (Hay Street, Perth) around the theme of Valuing Children in our Community. 

Please see Lance’s website for more details:

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